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Best Monitor For Video Editing 2022: (10 Best Video Editing Monitors)

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2021)

Video editing is an art and of course, one of the great things these days. Thing get even more creative when you have the best monitor for video editing because such screen has the most awesome picture quality which ensures to deliver every detail crystal clear. It’s all about the quality here. Let’s suppose you have a low quality monitor that has the low-end features, all you’ll experience is not knowing the exact quality of your video after you are done editing. Whereas, the best monitor having the high-end is a solution to all of your video editing matters.

Now here’s the thing, how would you choose the best monitor for video editing? We have made things easy for you by researching and picking up the monitors that are best on the market these days. It’s kind of a human nature, choosing that one specific product from hundreds of options is gets a little difficult as you don’t know exactly what the product is offering. Same is the case with these monitors for video editing.

The next question you might have is that which a high-end monitor actually offers. In simple words, a monitor must have the high resolutions, good refresh rate, low response time, a better brightness, aspect ratio etc. But how will you find out that which actually the better features mean? We have created a monitors for video editing buying guide where you’ll find all the details. But before we go there, let me shortly mention the all of the best monitors for video editing 2022. That said, let’s get into it.

Best Monitors For Video Editing 2022

  1. Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q – Best 4K UHD Monitor For Video Editing
  2. BenQ PD2720U – Best Monitor With ThunderBolt 3
  3. LG UHD 27UL850 – Best LCD Monitor For Photo Editing
  4. Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz – Best Curved Monitor For Video Editing
  5. BenQ EX3501R – Best Widescreen Monitor For Video Editing
  6. Philips 328E1CA – Best With 32-inch Display
  7. ViewSonic VP2468 Best With 24-inch Screen

Choosing a Best Monitor For Video Editing in 2022


As mentioned in the intro of the best monitors for video editing, there are are mainly two categories of resolutions. The first category includes the monitors that comes with the resolutions of 720P and 1080P which are kind of on a low-end and they are not that cheap monitors that gives you no value on the video editing side. Whereas, the second category is much better that includes the 2k and 4k monitors which enables you to have the better idea about your video quality. So I guess the choosing a monitor from the second category for your concerned work would a lot better. The monitor on this category might get expensive, but it fulfills your all need and they completely worth it.

Screen Size

The screen size is important because you don’t need a small monitor for video editing which keeps you stare at things closely and that’s not good for your eye-sight. On the other hand, we have the monitors which are wider than usual and they provide the better details of almost anything and you can work on them all day long without any hesitations. Usually, these monitors ranges from 24-inch to 42-inch. I would suggest to choose of these widescreen monitors if you’re more into video editing stuff.

Refresh rate

That’s probably the most important factor that we can’t deny while looking for a best monitor for video editing. The refresh rate has more to do with the performance. But in a sense where your monitor’s refresh rate matches the frame rates on your PC’s graphics card. If your graphics card has the much higher FPS and your refresh rate is lower than that, you’re probably going to face the laggy performance. To avoid that, always choose a monitor that has the minimum refresh rate of 144Hz and we already have such the 144hz monitors for video and photo editing which are delivering the higher refresh rate.

Response Time

Response time is also important as it adds up a lot of value to the performance on a monitor. Let’s say the response time on your monitor is 5ms. That means the monitor will respond within 5ms when you click on something. This type response time isn’t bad but there are monitors which comes 1ms and 0.5ms response time and I would personally choose that monitor and I would recommend them to you guys.

Best Monitors For Video Editing Reviews 2022

1. Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q

Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q

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The first best monitor for video editing that we have on the store for you is the Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q and it has an undeniably fast performance and good display because of the features that it packs inside. On top of that, this monitor has the most stunning screen with almost no bezels and a decent stand that makes it look good. The monitor is holding on the 3840x2160P resolutions that never compromises on the picture quality. Whereas, the 60Hz refresh rate on the Ultrasharp U3219Q might not sound good to some of you but the thing is that if you have a low-end graphics card on your PC, it’s better to go with this option as everything is going to be smooth. Apart from that, same as most of the monitors that are holding the affordable price tag, the Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q has the response time of 5ms which is good. Hence, the image quality on this monitor is butter, crisp and clear and fulfills all of your video nd photo editing needs.

  • The high-resolutions display.
  • Wider screen size.
  • Nicely built
  • Sporting the IPS panel.
  • Adjustable ergnomic stand.
  • Dark scene images arent that good.

2. BenQ PD2720U

BenQ PD2720U

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The BenQ PD3200U is the best monitor mainly designed for people who are more into streaming, AutoCAD, photo editing, video editing, and all other graphics related work. It comes along with the nice stand having a rectangular nature and the thin bezels which are almost half an inch thick. On the other hand, you can tilt and rotate the screen in almost any direction. It’s almost a 27-inch monitor offering the 4k resolutions with the max brightness of 350 cd/m2. Whereas, the response time and refresh rate are standing at 5ms and 60 hertz which is good if you have the frame rates on your PC that matches this refresh rate. Moreover, the aspect ratio of 16:9 let you see images in a high quality on this best monitor for video editing. These were just a few main features and details that I mentioned which makes it clear that this screen is having fast performance, good design, and can give you the crisp and clear image quality.

  • Crisp and clear image quality.
  • Good design.
  • Comes with many screen modes.
  • 4k resolutions.
  • Pricey.

3. LG UHD 27UL850

LG UHD 27UL850

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Holding the resolutions of 3840 X 2160 and other features, the LG UHD 27UL850 is one nice looking monitor for photo and video editing that I guarantee you can’t resist having in your room. This monitor comes along with the rounded shaped stand that enables the monitor to adjust on any angle you want. Whereas, it’s sporting the displayHDR 400 and USB Type C ports which helps in easy connectivity. Moreover, the LG UHD 27UL850 comes wider with the 27-inch screen size. On top of that, the performance here is just flawless because of the 60 hertz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. However, I wouldn’t recommend to use it for gaming as it won’t handle those complex graphics. But as long as photo editing, video editing, and all other graphics related tasks are concerned, the LG UHD 27UL850 is freakin’ beast in that case as it won’t make you upset on the quality and will always give you the crisp and clear images.

  • USB Type-C compatible.
  • Easy to handle the controls.
  • Adjustable.
  • Rich colors.
  • High definition display.
  • Can’t rotate.

4. Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz

Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz

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Probably, the Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz is one of the fast, and undeniably attractive curved gaming monitor for video editing on the list. It comes equipped with an ergonomics stand that you would love on the first glance. Whereas, the monitor is 35-inch which makes it big enough to see thing clearer while having the curvature of 1800R. On the other hand, the Predator Z35P bmiphz is based on the LED technology which isn’t better than the LCD but still it do wonders. As for the other features, this monitor is hitting the 100hz mark for the refresh rate and standing at at 4ms response time. It’s also equipped with the NVIDIA G-SYNC VA technology for better performance. Which mean, this monitor isn’t only designed for the graphics related work only but you can also use it for gaming as it can easily handle the complex graphics. Moreover, here we’re dealing with the 4k resolution which mean you’re going to experience things in Full HD.

  • Great Egonomics.
  • 35-inch wider.
  • UHD resolutions.
  • Good refresh rate.
  • curved.
  • LED panel.

5. BenQ EX3501R

BenQ EX3501R

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The BenQ EX3501R is almost the same as the Acer Predator Z35P bmiphz monitor and both of them crosses all limits to entertain you in the best way possible. But here let’s talk about the BenQ EX3501R monitor for video editing. The monitor is holding a screen size of 35-inch having the curvature of 1800R. Whereas, the refresh rate is calculated at 100Hz alongside the response time of 4ms. Whereas, it’s a Ultra-HD monitor with the resolutions of 3440 X 1440P and that’s what make things more interesting apart from video editing like gaming and watches videos. On top of that, this monitor has a nice stand that is made up of high quality material and holds this thin bezels screen plus adjusts it the way you like. The BenQ EX3501R is without any doubt one of the ergonomic monitors available on the market. A long story short, this monitor never gives you any lag and delivers the images crisp and never hides the miner details on the screen because of its high quality specs and features.

  • Comes with curved design.
  • HDR spportive.
  • Perfectly syncs with your PC.
  • Wider.
  • Awesome refresh rate.
  • Can’t swivel

6. Philips 328E1CA

Philips 328E1CA

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Moving on to one of the 32″ Curved Monitors, the Philips 328E1CA comes with the nice design and better image quality, mainly focused on video editors and photo editing persons. It’s categorized in the monitors that has the 4K UHD resolutions alongside the refresh rate of 60 hertz and response time of 5ms. It’s featuring the LED technology alongside the Adaptive-Sync technology to make the monitor good enough for lag-free video, photo editing, and all of the graphics related. Here’s one thing that you don’t wanna miss. The monitor isn’t only made for graphics related work but you can also entertain yourself with it. Back to the main thing, the Philips 328E1CA has the most unique stand which is adjustable and makes it different from all other monitors. As for the connectivity, the Philips 328E1CA welcomes almost anything which is DisplayPort and HDMI supportive. Overall, the Philips 328E1CA is video editing master that you can have today.

  • Great colors quality.
  • Affordable.
  • Eye-catching design
  • Lag-free.
  • Crisp and clear images.
  • Gets a little blurry in fast gameplay.

7. ViewSonic VP2468

ViewSonic VP2468

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Finally comes one of the best budget monitors mainly designed for graphics related work. The ViewSonic VP2468 is made for professionals having the nice ergonomics and features. Starting with the design, this monitor is comes along with thin bezels and a rectangular adjustable stand that makes it a fantastic build in the fray of best monitor for writers. On the other hand, it has a decent size of 24 inch. As for the features, the 1920x1080p is what actually this monitor is offering and that isn’t the best resolution overall but still it’s acceptable and gives you the crisp and clear image quality. Similarly, there is the 60Hz refresh rate and the response time of 5ms. Whereas, it’s display is bright and offers a good aspect ratio. As for the connectivity options, there are plenty of them on the ViewSonic VP2468 which includes the Mini-DisplayPort, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, and USB 3.0.

  • Colors accuracy at its best.
  • Delivers details with much clarity.
  • Comes under $300 budget.
  • Beautiful ergonomics.
  • 1080P resolutions.


These were some of the best monitors for video editing that we tracked down for you in the best way possible. It wasn’t easy compiling the list but still compiled it up and included all of kinds of monitors. From the simple looking to the most ergonomic monitors we added them all to the list. We did out job now it’s your turn. Please let us know which monitor you would prefer for writing or if you have anything that you would like to share with us, you are more than welcome to contact us or comment your thought. We would be more than happy to hear from you. Of course we’re always here to respond back.

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